Co-Curated with several members of the Technoculture, Art and Games Lab at Concordia University, Resistencia en Juego (Resistance at Play), was part of the Transitio_MX 06 Festival in Mexico City. Transitio is Mexico's largest New Media art festival, and the 6th edition (Oct 2015) revolved around the theme of games and social change. 

As one of several major exhibitions at the festival, ours asked questions about themes of the resistance. Drawing from works I had curated in other contexts, we selected 5 works which explored themes of protest, surveillance, violence, imperialism and social control. How these works address these themes differ, some seeing players actively push back against the game's authorities, others asking the player to participate as a witness. 

The festival also featured a symposium, where I gave a short talk on the history of resistance as a theme in videogames, game art and art games. 

Works by:

Oscar Raby
Anna Anthropy
Mez Breeze + Andy Campbell
Danielle Hopkins
Peter Brinson + Kurosh Valanejad