Reset: Post Consumer Gaming Cultures, theorized artistic practice on old gaming consoles as a post-consumer phenomenon. Media Arts practice has always been marked by works which tinker and dabble with the 'obsolete'. Gaming technologies have not been spared in this phenomenon, and have been the object of creative experimentation by media artists for some time. As part of Platform Centre of Photographic and Digital Arts' 2012 programming year (organized around the theme of the palimsest), I was asked to curate an exhibition which addressed gaming cultures and technologies as palimsestual phenomenon; arists inscribe new meaning to old media, though this relationship is always co-consituted by the medium's history.

This exhibition featured works by North American artists who have revisited the natures of games and play, through experimenting with outmoded technologies, aesthetics and forms. Rather than participating in modes of retro-fetishism, common in hobby gaming collector's cultures, these artists appropriate these vintage technologies as a means of critiquing and expanding beyond their legacies as consumer devices.  

The exhibition ran from June -July of 2012, and was including in the hardbound catalogue (Palimsest) for the programming year.  
A PDF of my Curatorial Essay from the Catalogue can be downloaded here

Reset featured the work of:

Ian Bogost
Myfanwy Ashmore
Rachel Weil (Party Time Hexcellent)
Clint Enns
Max Capacity
Haydi Rocket