Re: Play was a one day event I programmed at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, after they had asked me to produce 'family oriented' programming centred on videogame cultures, and the kinds of activities that were being undertaken by individuals from Winnipeg. 

The event featured two concurrent streams. The first was an exhibition hall populated by artists, hackers, game makers, film makers, DJs, VJs, zines, and more.  The second stream was a speaker series, which featured many of these exhibitors giving short talks about their creative and professional practices. 

The primary objective of this event was to create an atmosphere of play, alongside critical conversations about game making practices, game culture, fan culture, and artistic interventions. 

Visitors were able to play, talk to creators, and in some cases participate in hacking and modifying game technologies. This event was a large community effort seeing many of these people and groups come together in the same space for the first time. 

Artists and Groups who particpated in the event:

Bit Collective
Strata Studios
Project White Card
Infinite Ammo
Glacier Games
Clint Enns
Kert Gartner
Bit Cadet.
Isabelle Kliminik
Decade Forward