Queer Arcade was a curatorial collaboration between Team Vector (Clint Enns, Katie Micak, Christine Kim, myself) and Videofag in July 2013. As part of our ongoing work with the Vector Festival, and wanting to expand our work beyond it, we partnered with Videofag to present a pop up exhibtion which would chart the emergence of queer game making scenes, and other game-like artworks that addressed issues of queerness.  These works oscillated between the garish and carnivalesque, and the sombre and contemplative.  Themes that emerged within the exhibition beyond notions of representing what it meant to be queer as both artist or game maker, included partnership, transgression, bullying, queer history, feminine aesthetics, coming out, and the cybernetic. 

This exhibition also featured a tumblr blog, which has remained online as an archive. You can view that here. 

Artists in the Exhibition:
Robert Yang
Anna Anthropy
Merritt Kopas
Hannah Epstein, Sagan Yee, Alex Leitch
Partytime! Hexcellent! aka Rachel Weil
Leo Heath
William Robinson, Symon Oliver, Lisa MacDonald
Megan Morman
Hypermetric Studios
Run Hello (Andi McClure)
Save Me Oh