Other Worlds was an curatorial collaboration with art and technology blogger Rich Oglesby (aka Prosthetic Knowledge), and ran as the anchoring exhibition for the inaugural editon of the Vector Festival (2013), in Toronto, Canada. In Part inspired by a series of blog posts that Rich has written for Rhizome.org, Other Worlds examined the nascent phenomenon of "exploration games", which asks players to participant in the exploration of virtual / digital worlds, without narrative, or the typical mission and goal structures of contemporary mainstream videogames.  Instead, gallery visitors where presented with a collection of interactive works which asked them to explore and contemplate their relationship with the imagined worlds in these virtual spaces.  Echoing the tradition and theories of psychogeographic practice, together we assembled a collection of games that pondered alternate modes of interacting with digital spaces. Not built upon staring down the barrel of a gun, not saturated with high frame rates and environmental information; rather, slow, meandering, everyday.

The works within the exhibition each articulated particular, and varied, visions of virtual worlds: the generative, the archive, the surreal, the contemplative, the haptic, the noisy, the baroque.

Arists Featured in the exhibition:

 Bill Viola, Tracy Fullerton and the Game Innovation Lab.
 Arkane Kids.
 Ed Key and David Kanaga.
 Alan Kwan.
 Lea Albaugh
 Axel Shokk
 Cyril Lecomte-Languérand
 Alex Myers and Jeff Thompson
 Luis Hernandez