Founded in 2003, the Nofrequency Media Collective's mandate was to promote and distribute independent film and video works as well as independent critical writing on media production, culture and politics. The Collective accomplished this through various forms of media and varied methods of distribution and exhibition; including a video periodical called the Nofrequency Video Magazine, a print journal called the Program, and through Cinema Subterrain in London, Ontario. Nofrequency Media disbanded in 2005. Core members of Nofrequency were myself, Jason Krauskopf and Mark Lewandowski. 

The Nofrequency Video Magazine: Each year, Nofrequency put out calls for submissions of short film and video work for inclusion in the annually "published" video magazine. Documentary, experimental, narrative, and other film and video submissions were accepted from artists around Canada and compiled into the video magazine(s). 

Issue Alpha was released on VHS in 2003
Issue Beta was releasted as a two VCD set in 2004 Created as an online hub for all the activities and releases of Nofrequency, featured exclusive articles on independent media production and culture, as well as editorials by nofrequency editorial staff, event schedules and more. was initially maintained by Jason Krauskopf, and later by Brad Neufeldt. The website was taken offline in 2006.

The Program: Published with each incarnation of the video magazine as a print companion, the Program contained essays and commentaries on the contemporary media landscape. From how-to's, to current independent production trends, media politics and culture, intellectual property, theories of authorship and more. Two editions were released (Alpha and Beta) and each was packaged with it's corresponding issue of the Video Magazine. The print edition was edited by Mark Lewandowski, with layout work done by skot deeming and Jason Krauskopf.