DPAD (Short for Directions in Play, Art, Design, was a trilogy of New Arcade events that took place at Toronto's Interaccess, an artist run centre focusing on new media and electronic art. Moving into a gallery space afforded a different kind of sensibility, and shifted my curatorial focus away from more mainstream or retro game formations, into showcasing and exhibiting games made by the Toronto Indie Development community, as well as artists who were experimenting and creating more critical works, including hacks and modifications. Musical performances by Toronto's chipmusic community were also incorporated, still drawing the links between contemporary indie development cultures and post-consumer game and performance practices. 

Featured Artists Included:

Big Pants Games
Spooky Squid Games
Dames Making Games
Anna Anthropy
Damian Sommer
Alice Affekt + Renaud Bedard
Alina Shenkin
Eric Ruth
Matt Gillies
Tom Danks
Kent Sheely
Clint Enns