Curriculum Vitae

PhD Candidate. Concordia University. Individualized Program in the Humanities. [INDI] (2018)
MA in Communications & Culture, York /Ryerson Universities. Toronto, Ontario. (2013)
Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies, University of Western Ontario. London, Ontario. (2001).

Employment History

Sessional Instructor: Critical Play. Faculty of Liberal Arts. OCADu. Winter, 2017.
Teaching Assistant: Faculty of Fine Arts. Concordia University. 2014-2016
Teaching Assistant: Media and Images of Inequality. Ryerson University. 2012/2013.
Research Assistant. Ryerson University. Faculty of Image Arts. 2012-2013
Media Specialist, University of Winnipeg. 2008-2011.
Media Specialist, University of Western Ontario, Dept of Film Studies. 2006-2007.

Research Affiliations
Graduate Researcher: TAG-Technoculture, Art and Games Research Centre. Concordia University. Montreal, QC. 2013-2017
Graduate Researcher: Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology. Concordia University. Montreal QC. 2016-2017.

Prizes & Awards (selected)

Fine Arts Travel Award. Concordia University. 2017
Graduate Student Mobility Award. Concordia University. 2017
Graduate Student Research Creation Grant. Hexagram Network for Research Creation. 2017
TAG/ ReFiG Research Creation Grant. 2016
Fine Arts Travel Award. Concordia University. 2016
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), Joseph Armand Bombardier Canadian Graduate Scholarship. 2014.
Ontario Arts Council Media Arts Project Grant. For Vector Game + Art Convergence. 2014
Toronto Arts Council Media Arts Project Grant. For Vector Game + Art Convergence. 2014
Concordia University, Individualized Program (INDI) PhD Entrance Fellowship. 2013
Canada Council for the Arts Media Arts Project Grant. For Vector Game + Art Convergence. 2013
Ontario Arts Council Media Arts Project Grant. For Vector Game + Art Convergence. 2013
York University, Communication and Culture Program Entrance Scholarship. 2011.
Manitoba Arts Council Professional Development Grant 2010
Winnipeg Arts Council Professional Development Grant 2010
Winnipeg Arts Council Professional Development Grant 2009

Screenings, Exhibitions, and Performances (selected)

LISTENER II. 820 Plaza. Montreal, QC. August, 2016.
Low Level Festival. Brooklyn, NY. 2016.
The Association of Electron Dreamers. (curated by Juegos Rancheros Collective). Museum of Human Achievement. Austin, TX. 2016.
Ghost Hole 7. Group Exhibition. Jam Factory. Toronto, ON. October, 2015
Phantom Resident(s). Solo Exhibition. Western Arctic Moving Pictures. Yellowknife, NT. 2015
BIAS (First Annual Sound Art Bienale)
at Elektra 16. Studio Usine C, Montreal, QC. 2015
Cluster New Music and Integrated Arts Festival. Collaborative performance with Foci+Loci and XIE. AceArt Inc. Winnpeg, MB. 2015
Game Art in the Knowable Space. Curated by Chris Burke. Cutlure Hub, New York City, NY. 2014.
MEME (Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition), Manitoba Museum, Winnipeg, MB. 2012.
Error Benders. Curated by Leanne Berger and Jeff Morton. Regina + Saskatoon, SK. 2011.
e-Cartographies. Installation Collaboration with Lawrence Bird. RAW Gallery. Winnipeg, MB. 2010.
ARTifact Series. Curated by Greg Hanec. Graffiti Gallery, Winnipeg, MB. 2010.
24 Hr. Arts Marathon Festival. Eastern Edge Gallery. St.John's, NL. 2010.
Unslumber SoundCamp. Curated by Carrie Gates. AKA Gallery. Saskatoon, SK. 2010
Transmission Alpha. AceArtInc. Winnipeg,MB. 2010.
LOLA Festival. London, ON. 2009

Curated Exhibitions, Events and Screenings (selected)

Hibachi Summer Sound Series. Montreal Canada. May – August 2016.
Vector Festival. Multiple Venues. Toronto, Canada. July 2016.
Microfabricants. Les débuts du développement « fait maison » sur le ZX Spectrum.
Carrefour Des Arts et Sciences. University of Montreal. March-May 2016.
Resistencia en Juego (Resistance at Play).Transitio_MX 06 Festival. Mexico City. September 2015
Impossible Architectures: Glitch, Decay and Structure in Digital Worlds. Urban Shaman Gallery. Winnipeg, MB. March 2015. (Part of Cluster Festival, 2015)
Vector: Game Art and New Media Festival. Multiple Galleries. Toronto, ON. Feb, 2015.
Le Salon Ludique (event series) . Espace Fibre. Montreal, QC. 2014-2015.
Micro-Makers, Early ZX Spectrum Homebrew Development. Grande Bibliotheque. Montreal, QC. June 2014.
Vector: Game Art and New Media Festival. Multiple Galleries. Toronto, ON. Feb, 2014.
Fortuna's Arcade. Videopool. Winnipeg, MB. Jan, 2014.
Queer Arcade. Videofag. Toronto, ON. July, 2013.
Ghost Arcade. (travelling exhibition). London/Toronto, ON. June/Oct, 2013.
Vector: Game Art and New Media Festival. Multiple Galleries. Toronto, ON. Feb, 2013.
DPAD (Directions in Play/Art/Design). (event series). Interaccess Gallery. Toronto, ON. 2012.
Reset: Post-Consumer Gamer Cultures. Platform Gallery. Winnipeg, MB. June, 2012.
ArtCadia. Winnipeg Art Gallery. Winnipeg, MB. October,2011.
Re:Play. Video Game Art and Technology Fair. Winnipeg Art Gallery. Winnipeg, MB. 2011.
Data Dance. Performance + Pop Up Arcade Series. Winnipeg, MB. 2010/2011.
The Gr8 Bits Show. Ace Art Inc + Winnipeg Art Gallery. Winnipeg, MB. June/Oct, 2010.

Articles, Catalogues and Publications

Book Chapter: “Pirates, Platforms, and Players: Theorizing Post-Consumer Fan Histories through the Sega Dreamcast.” (with David Murphy). Fan, VideoGames and History (co-edited by Melanie Swallwell and Helen Stuckey). Routledge. 2017.

Curatorial Essay: Rendered Visible: Exploring the Limits of Algorithmic Agency. With Martin Zeilinger. Inter/Access Gallery. Toronto, ON. 2016.

Article: “Mario Deconstructed: On the Modalities of Game Art and the Politics of the Arthack”, art/games Journal. UK. 2016

Article: "Improvisation and Play in New Media, Games and Experimental Sound Practices"
(with Martin Zeilinger). Sounding Out. 2015.

Curatorial Essay: “To Utiliy and Beyond: Interface Experiments in New Media and Game Art.” with Martin Zeilinger. Inter/Access Gallery. Toronto, ON. 2015.

Curatorial Essay: “MicroMakers: Early ZX Homebrew Development”. History of Games Symposium. Montreal, QC. 2014.

Curatorial Essay: “Impedance: Games and Resistance.” Inter/Access. Toronto, ON. 2014

Curatorial Essay: “Net.Works”. Videofag. Toronto, ON. 2014.

Article: "The Naked Dungeon. The Situationist Legacy in Warren Robinett's Adventure". First Person Scholar. 2014.

Curatorial Essay: “Other Worlds.” with Rich Oglesby. Inter/Access Gallery. Toronto, ON. 2013.
Catalogue: Palimpsest. Platform Centre for the Photographic and Digital Arts. Winnipeg, MB. 2013.

Catalogue: PaperWait Volume 14/2011-2012. Ace Art Inc. Winnipeg, MB. 2012.

Curatorial Essay: “Reset: Post Consumer Gaming Cultures.” Platform Centre for the Photographic and Digital Arts. Winnipeg, MB. 2012.


Western Arctic Moving Pictures, Summer Artist Residency. Yellowknife, NWT. 2015.
TurnAround Residency. AceArtInc. Winnipeg, MB. 2010.

Conference Papers / Presentations (selected)

Canadian Society for the Study of Comics. Toronto, ON. May 2016.
Presentation Title: "Occult Knowledge, Haunted Timelines, Apocryphal Technologies: Warren Ellis and the Spectres of Science Fiction"

Transitio_Mx 06. CenArt, Mexico City, MX. Oct, 2015.
Presentation Title: “Thinking Through Resistance in Games”

International Symposium on Electronic Art. Simon Frasier University, Vancouver. B.C. Aug, 2015
Panelist: “The Gallery At Play: On the Politics of Exhibiting Game Art”. (with Lynn Hughes, Martin Zeilinger, Eddo Stern, Isabelle Arvers and Matteo Bittanti)

McGill University Colloquium on Urban Arts Festivals in Canada. Montreal, QC. Nov, 2014.
Paper Title " An Autoethnographic Exploration of the Vector Game Art + New Media Festival". 
(co-presented with Martin Zeilinger)

Universities Art Association of Canada Conference. Toronto, ON. Oct, 2014.
Paper Title: "Bridging New Media and Game Worlds: The Work of Toshio Iwai"

Digital Games Research Association Conference. Snowbird, UT. Aug, 2014.
Paper Title: “Abandonware, Commercial Expatriation, and Post-Commodity Fan Practice:
A Study of the Sega Dreamcast”.

CGSA at the Congress of the Humanities. Brock University. St. Catherine's, ON. May, 2014.
Paper Title: “Uncovering the Pirate Archive: Fan Archival Practices in Videogame Culture”
(Winner of the CGSA 2014 Best Paper Award, Audience Choice)

Network Detroit, Digital Humanities Conference. Lawrence Tech, Detroit, MI. Sept, 2013.
Panelist: “Scratching, Scraping, and Scribbling the Art Game Movement”.

CGSA at the Congress of the Humanities. University of Victoria. Victoria, B.C. June, 2013.
Paper Title: “The Naked Dungeon: Psychogeography and the Situationist Legacy in Atari's Adventure”.

Canadian Pop Culture Assoc. Conference. Niagara Falls, ON. May, 2013.
Paper Title: “Gotta Hack 'Em All. Towards a Taxonomy of Pokemon Hacking Practices”.

Reactivating Objects: Social Theory and Material Culture, Western University. March, 2013.
Paper Title: "(re)Activating Abandonware: Platform Based Remix Cultures".

CGSA at Congress of the Humanities. University of Waterloo. Waterloo, ON. May, 2012.
Paper Title: “A Genealogy of Hacking, DIY Coding and Glitch Practices on the NES”.


Plenaries, Guest Lectures and Workshops (selected)

Centro Multimedia del Centro Nacional de las Artes. Mexico City. June 2016.
Guest Lecture: "On Videogame Histories and Historiography: Movements, Moments and Modifications"

Centro Multimedia del Centro Nacional de las Artes. Mexico City. June 2016.
Instructor: Video Game Design Metholodies for Laboratorio de Realidad Virtual y Videojuegos (Game Design Incubator Program)

University of Montreal, Faculty of Art History and Cinema Studies. Montreal, QC, March, 2016.
Guest Lecture: “MicroMakers: Early Homebrew Development and the Cultural Influence of the ZX Spectrum”.

Concordia University. Faculty of Interdisciplinary Humanities Graduate Studies. March 2016.
Panelist: Music is the Body, Interdisciplinary Dialogue Series.
Talk title: “Voices from the Tapes: EVP, Aetheric Voice and Apocryphal Aural Technologies”.

Concordia University, Faculty of Communication Studies. Montreal, QC. Nov, 2015.
Guest Lecture: “(Art) Histories of Game Modding”

Western Arctic Moving Pictures. Yellowknife, NT. July 2015. Curatorial Talk: “Videogames and the Art Gallery.”

CGSA at the Congress of the Humanities. University of Ottawa. June 2015.
Plenary Talk: "Betwixt the Museum, the Gallery and the New Arcade: Game Curation Practices and their Context(s)".

Ryerson University, School of Image Arts. Toronto, ON. March, 2015.
Guest Lecturer, "Art? Design? Mass Media? Exploring Game + Art Debates".

Corcordia University, Fine Arts Faculty. Montreal, QC.  March, 2015.
Guest Lecturer, FFAR 250, Reading Art Across the Disciplines.  
"Black Boxes in White Cubes, on Curating Videogames as New Media Art"

Vanier College. Montreal QC. Nov, 2014.
Guest Lecturer: “Videogames, Military Cultures, and Terrorism, Post 9-11. 

Steven's University. Hoboken, NJ. Nov, 2014.
Guest Lecturer: "The Gallery and the New Arcade".

Interaccess Electronic Media Arts Centre. Toronto, ON. July 2014.
Guest Conversant: In Conversation with Oscar Raby, VR documentaries, Games and Media. 

Videopool. Winnipeg, MB. Jan, 2014.
Curatorial Talk: “Game and Art Curation: Exploring the Gallery and the New Arcade”.

Mecha Kucha: Interaccess' 30th Anniversary Celebration. The Drake Hotel. Toronto, ON. Jan, 2014.
Guest Speaker: "MOD: on Critical Game Modding Practices".

Sheridan College. Oakville, ON Nov, 2013.
Guest Lecturer. “Design Lessons from E.T. And other Early Videogames.”

Canzine Symposium for the Independent Arts. Toronto, ON. Oct, 2013.
Workshop: “Grant writing in multiple artistic disciplines for arts funding in Canada”.

Canadian Centre for Architecture. Montreal, QC. Oct, 2013.
Panel Curator and Moderator. “A Historiography of the DemoScene and FMV Video Games”.

Interviews, Reviews & Press (Selected)

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