About mrghosty. 

mrghosty (aka skot deeming) is an interdisciplinary artist, curator, researcher and doctoral student in Concordia University's Individualized Program in the Humanities. As a new media art and game curator in galleries and the new arcade, as well a researcher at Concordia's TAGlab, skot draws upon a wealth of practical experience and theoretical knowledge while investigating the intersections between gamer cultures, hacker cultures and new media art practices.  These investigations take on many forms:  academic writing, arcades, salons and exhibitions, live audio visual performances, installations, audio composition, and more.

Skot is 1/2 of Team Vector and the co-curator of Vector Festival of Games + New Media, in Toronto, Canada. His research interests include new media and curatorial historiography, lost and forgotten media, DIY media cultres . Skot's current creative projects explore haunted media, victorian spiritualism and technology, and DIY electronics. These new projects are forthcoming.