About mrghosty. 

mrghosty (aka skot deeming) is an interdisciplinary artist , curator and scholar , whose work spans the spectrum of new media practice from broadcast media to computational art, experimental videogames, and game art. Drawing on a wealth of practical experience and theoretical knowledge, skot's practice focuses on new media history and historiography, and DIY technoology cultures.  This work articulates itself through critical research and writing, exhibitions, installations, performances and more. 

Skot is the founder and co-curator of Vector Festival of Games + New Media, in Toronto, Canada, and the artistic director of the Drone Island Sound Art Festival in Yellowknife, NT. He currently resides in Montreal where he is a doctoral student in the Individualized Program at Concordia University, and a member of the TAG Research Centre, where he investigates critical histories of computational and new media art practices.

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